"Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity." The bridegroom has now placed the ring on his bride's finger and the bride did the same. In the presence of the assembly, the vows were changed and the promises were sealed. From the very beginning the marriage ceremony is a binding act between two people who have freely and willingly decided "to have and hold" each other. It all started with a loving relationship, and it led to a commitment. Now, a new partnership begins a life journey. As in every endeavor, married life begins with a vision.

When you decided to be united in marriage, did you have a vision? Did you plan for your future together? Did you have a long list of acquisitions you're going to invest in? Did your list include a house or a car? Are you going to have two or three kids or even more? Who's going to work? Who stays home? Who will take charge of the budget? I'm sure you thought about these things long before the wedding, and that is really good. Sometimes the pressure of wanting to fulfill these dreams at the soonest possible time can take a toll on newlyweds.

Often time newlyweds do not see the problems until the "danger signs" manifest themselves. You have both been too busy with work because you both agree it's the only way to fulfill your dreams. It's a fast paced life and you never want to be left behind. So the wife goes her way and the husband goes his way too. The path you have started together has now gone two separate ways. What happened? Who made a mistake? Well, the truth is, you simply forgot the binding partnership that you promised and sealed in your hearts on your wedding day. You only took action, but you stopped communicated.

You started with your big dreams but in the process you forgot you had a partner in putting those dreams into reality. Sadly enough, this kind of situation is way beyond our control. Why? It is simply because we get caught up with our visions unconsciously and it's often blinding. There are a few steps you should remember so you will not find yourself in an unfulfilling marriage.

  1. Talk with each other about your plans.
  2. Evaluate together if you're both going the same direction.
  3. Plan the next steps you'll both be taking.
  4. Enjoy the richness of having two hearts walking on the same path, heading towards the same dream and picking up each other on more difficult times. There may be obstacles ahead. There may be rocks to trip you down, though you are a team now and you have each other.
  5. When your husband needs to talk, do listen. When your wife needs to say something, do listen. Everyone desires to be listened to.
  6. Enjoy your life together, that is when the real journey begins.

Essence of Romance


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