Many struggle with what to write about and more importantly they want people to actually read their articles. The greatest article is not the greatest if no one has read it. Read this and get to writing. Hope this helps you.

1. How To Articles: this would include a detail of instructions. Some examples: how many article directories should you use and why, how to promote an online business, how to get people to look at your web site.

2. Lists: These are a group of tips listed, that are numbered. Examples: top 10 ways to get to first page on Google, top 5 ways to market your business. Top 10 ways to brand yourself online.

3. News Articles: these would include information about your industry or company info. Examples: joint ventures, new product releases, compensation plan changes, special events, etc.

4. Interview Articles: these would include interviews from customers, employees and industry experts. Examples: interview someone that won an award, an expert related to your industry, a highly satisfied or dissatisfied customer.

5. Publications: these would include information that's linked together as a package. Examples: ebooks, special reports, and relevant software.

6. Articles that explain a product: these include information about your product or services. Examples: new products, improvements to existing products, or augmentsations to existing products like an upgrade or enhancement.

7. Pictorial Content: this includes visual assistance that help explain, or supports an example. Examples: charts, photos, and detailed graphs.

8. Reproduced content: this includes information used from other sources for an alternate purpose, but would also support your business. Examples: journal articles, portions of seminars, reprints, statements, press releases. When using this content, make sure you have permission from the original owner of that content.

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